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Rating: of 10

Panic Room

The first good suspense movie I've seen in years. Don't people get that suspense does not mean gore and scary music? There must be a viable plot and characters you genuinely care about. It makes me realize that the suspense genre is dead; hollywood is only making action and pawning it off under a different name. But I digress.

There were a few plot holes, but overall it was a really great movie. I only question whether or not Fincher is overusing his now defining stylistic technique, the floating camera. I like it, but it is almost a novelty at this point. I also wish that Forest Whitaker would try playing a full on bad guy. Even though he was a burgular it was clear from the beginning that he had some good in him. Come on Forest, don't get typecasted. While I'm on the subject of Hollywood, I wish that Fincher could have ended the movie when he wanted to. It was clear the studio had him tack on an ending with more closure. The only solace I have is that he made it blatantly obvious, to those who care, that the ending was tacked on and not his doing.

All in all, it's a good movie to see. It definitely had me breathing hard. Not in that way, you're gross.


hahhaa... the last line of that review made me giggle. i have nothing of any substance to add. it's been a long, long time since i saw a movie.