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Rating: 8 of 10

City of God

This was an excellent film. This is especially true because -- and I never say this -- it is based on a true story. Typically I dislike that people are so swayed by works based on true stories, but when you include people who were actually involved and footage from actual events, it makes a difference.

The only complaint I really have about this film is that the narrative style is somewhat derivative of Guy Ritchie's and the cutaways have a very music-video feel to them. Otherwise, the film is great. The cinematography is top notch and I loved the different characters. You can definitely feel that they are based on real people and not the creation of a four-man writing team.

It's important for everyone to see this as it tells of the horrors that have gone on for decades in areas of Rio de Janeiro. My mind has trouble processing the fact that 11 year-olds are shooting each other over coccaine.