You're funny, what's your deal?

015: What's Up Doc?

In the comments from this post, Jen notes the whereabouts of Kenneth Mars, the actor who played Hugh.

kenneth mars (who played the hair tossing plagiarist Hugh Simon) primarily does voiceover work. including for: the various Land Before Time cartoons, something called Teddy Bears' Picnic, The Jetsons, and as the voice of Triton in The Little Mermaid!

We were also curious about the actor who played Judge Maxwell, Liam Dunn. Karen suspected he was a washed-up star getting his last hurrah. Good guess, but nope. It turns out the only movie had done before this was Catch-22, and that was a small role. He is most remembered for his role as Rev. Johnson in Blazing Saddles.

Oh, and since I loved Frederick Larrabee, played by Austin Pendleton, I thought I'd show you that he's still quite alive and quite busy. His newest project is Dirty Work, which has no relation to the hilarious film starring Norm McDonald. Oh, and he was in Christmas with the Kranks.

Any other good info on the other players?

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Austin Pendleton Orson's Shadow is currently playing at the Barrow Street Theater.

Posted by: Megan at May 24, 2005 03:36 PM
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015: What's Up Doc?