013: Candy

Internally, I'm going to start referring to this movie as Candy: The Night That Never Was. Truth is, we tried to screen this two months ago and my DVD player broke. Sorry Megan, I know it took months for you to choose this movie. We're making up for it by giving it another go. This time, I've got a backup plan in case things go awry.

Candy is erotic satire, apparently. It was adopted from Terry Southern's novel, which is based on Voltaire's Candide. The book was a much greater success than the film, which is fine by me as I prefer my erotic satire to be accompanied by a thumpin' soundtrack. And now, here are the deets.

When: Friday, April 8th at 7pm
Where: Matt's Place
RSVP: To Matt via email
Film: Candy (1968) [ Description]

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013: Candy