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20111115extendny.png ExtendNY

Have you ever mocked your bridge and tunnel friends about they likely live at 300th St. & 35th Ave.? Well, now you have a tool to do so. Harold Cooper created ExtendNY to show what it would be like if the NYC street grid were expanded forever by measuring the distances between streets and avenues, accounting for the curvature of the planet, and extending it across the Earth. Manhattan’s north pole resides somewhere in Uzbekistan

The Sartorialst visits Paris and now they they think they’re New Yorkers? It might be tough from 64,908th St. and 12,778th Ave. Yeah, Chicago is just like Brooklyn, except it resides at 4,443rd St. and 4,363rd Ave.

I should note, this is another great project I discovered via Hack and Tell, a meetup in NYC.