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20110908mcfly.jpg Finally, the McFly's Have Arrived

Almost six years after my initial post, Nike is finally making the Nike Air McFly’s (i.e. Nike Air MAG) a reality. The good news is they are being released tonight (!!). The bad news is that there are only 1,500 pairs and they’re being auctioned off. But, all of the money goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

There’s a 5-hour battery pack that powers the lights, but it’s not clear if it has the automatic laces (I can’t seem to find confirmation, anyway). There are a lot more pictures if you click through and I’ve included a couple hype videos below.

Update (9/15/11): If you want the full scoop on the launch and some background, Co Design has the full scoop. It doesn’t say so in the article, but they’ve already raised a million dollars, which is awesome. The article does say this:

Hatfield seemed to be hinting that items at more affordable price-points might be available after the auction closes on September 18. In fact, there’s already a lower tier: Ceramic models of the shoe were being sold at last night’s event for $88.00 (of course).

Yeah, I want those.