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Fuck You, 3D

Good news everybody! You can now buy some of your favorite films in THREEEEE DEEEEE. Here’s some info about costs, etc. from Gizmodo.

Avatar, the most wanted 3D movie of all time, is only available in a $300 “starter bundle” from Panasonic that includes two rechargeable 3D glasses. How to Train Your Dragon is in a “starter kit” from Samsung for $280, which includes two 3D active shutter glasses. What happens if you already have one type of TV and just want the other type of movie? Looks like you get two pair of glasses that you can’t use on your set.

Oh, hrm. That’s frustrating. Well, at least some movies don’t require you to pay so much money, right?

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Coraline are only available if you buy a Panasonic 3DTV. A TeeVee! And Bolt, which I’m sure is a fine dog movie in the realm of dog movies, is only gettable with Sony TVs. Same with Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

Okay, that sucks. It looks like those pushing 3D know it is not going to take off anytime soon, if ever, so they decided to confuse, frustrate, and overcharge their customers. It’s not a new approach, but I’m amazed that they still think this will work.