First the tweet and then some context.

First my cereal has the wrong number now someone stole my pregnant pigeon and her cage, who the fuck steals pigeons they are everywhere FUCKless than a minute ago via twidroid

  1. You may be wondering who the heck OchoCinco is. Fair enough. I blogged about his tweets late last year and that should suffice.

  2. That cereal box thing is probably confusing too. Well, it turns out OchoCinco has a cereal named after him. It’s called OchoCinco’s (obviously) and it’s available in the Cincinnati area. The good news is that it benefits a charity called “Feed the Children”. The bad news is that they misprinted the phone number and it now points to a sex line. I genuinely feel bad for the dude about that.


  4. Mr. Ochocinco is obviously torn up, but wow, this may be the most ridiculous 140 characters I have ever seen strung together.