Tina wonders about all of the stuff on her computer.

I am currently trying to consolidate all of my backups, re-organize all my work and personal files, photos, music, videos etc. As I am going through my stacks of harddrives I am realizing that my kids will eventually inherit a mountain of data.

People rarely organize their physical mementos thoroughly, but it’s also a lot of work. Digital is easier with iTunes and iPhoto (or whatever), but can we just trust that search will be good enough? Do we have an obligation to curate?

I have always been somewhat laissez faire about organizing my data, but this issue puts my previous approach in question. While I’d love for my kids — and their kids — to find hidden gems on their own, it’d be nice to tell some short stories with albums and playlists.

Have you ever seen a digital scrapbook about someone who has passed? Do you feel a desire or obligation to provide one?