20100406lost.pngIt is Lost day. While most experienced Losties know these tips, I thought I’d share them so I can improve everyone’s life.

  1. On Lost-night, you need to watch it live because…
  2. You want to see the Lost-comics by beatonna and nedroid. They are consistently hilarious. You can click on the example to the right for a larger, prettier view.
  3. Immediately after, head over to Lostpedia and take note at just how quickly these folks get information up. It’s insane. Check out the page for last week’s episode.
  4. In the morning, download the latest Jay & Jack podcast. They provide a good recap and they’re funny.
  5. For a roundup of the best nonsense from around the web, visit fakelocke.com. It’s by no means a complete look, but we (yes, I contribute) always find good stuff.

That’s it! If you do these things, I promise you’ll enjoy Lost a little more (even if a few of your friends call you crazy).