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Netflix is Killing Your Friends

Much to my shagrin, Netflix is planning to phase out the Friends component of their service. I’m okay with the now defunct community tab, but I base many of my rentals my friends’ ratings. As evidenced by no one team reaching the full 10% improvement in the Netflix Prize, we’re not close to computer-based recommendations being better than my friends. To sum up: I’m on Team Friends.


Oh, interesting. I just mentioned at a birthday party this weekend (several of the friends there are/were also Netflix friends) that I couldn't find my friends' ratings anymore on the individual movie pages, I could only find the general link at the bottom of the page. I thought I was just dumb and couldn't figure out the new layout. Guess not.

@lizziev: I didn't realize they'd already removed my friends' reviews from the movie pages until I read your comment. I'm growing more and more depressed by this.

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