My gear sits in a small space. Sure, I'd love to get a big, beautiful entertainment center, but I have about five feet and a whole lot of stuff. Part of the problem with my old Ikea stand was the lack of air flow. In the summer, my apartment is ninety degrees on a good day and one inch of clearance makes for an unhappy receiver. With that in mind, my two goals were better airflow and cable management.

Clearly, I wasn't alone because Bello built both of these requirements into the AVS-422T. All of my components easily fit the space and the main strutural support is hollow so you run your cables through it. It's a great feature. On the downside, it's really heavy and doesn't do a great job blending into a small space. I'm really not looking forward to moving it one day.

To put it simply, this is a functional piece of equipment that looks nice. Bello is geared for the home theater audience and they have the product line to back it up. While this may not be the perfect piece for me, I definitely recommend it and highly recommend the company.

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