With my lackadaisical approach to blogging, I neglected to tell you all that my other primary weblog is back, the Movie Binge. Last summer we set out to watch every major movie released from Memorial Day to Labor Day and succeeded. While it was a lot of work, it was also rewarding to get some attention and nice to have a new outlet for movie reviews.

We've been back at it all summer with a new cast of characters and some old faces. The new reviewers are Dan Beirne from Said the Gramophone, Erik Bryan from The Morning News, Kyria Abrahams, Bryan Charles, Meghan Deans and Todd Serencha. Returning for another year are Matthew Perpetua from Fluxblog and Karen Wilson of Cinecultist and Gothamist. You can read more about all of them on the Binge's about page. Everyone here is such an awesome writer and I'm proud to have birthed this baby.

We're already about halfway through the year, but it's not too late to catch up. If you missed last year as well, don't be afraid of the archives.