20070729bear.jpgEarlier this week, it came out that the star of Man vs. Wild and the production team have been staying in hotels during survival challenges. Since the show purports that star Bear Grylls (supposedly that's his actually name) is toughing it out on his own, many are upset that the show is not 100% real.

To those people I say, do you see that rectangular glowing box in front of you? It's a television and very rarely shows anyone's real life. Did you consider the camera crew with him and what would happen if Bear were in danger? Do you think Bear is an expert in every area he visits or do you think maybe he gets some help?

The show is about explaining how to deal with extreme situations and I'd rather see him in the field with a little help than in the hospital battling dehydration. If he has to spend some time in a hotel, fine by me. I'm sure that I'm better off with his tips than I am without.