20070409bookmans.gifFor Passover I traveled to Tucson with Jori. Aside from quality family time and delicious food (more on that later), we visited a fantastic bookstore called Bookmans. Bookmans peddles only used media and has a great selection. It's incredibly well organized for a used goods store and has fantastic staff (had answers to all my questions and thensome).

My favorite feature, by far, is their used magazine section. You can bring in your used magazines — everyday magazines, although they have collectibles as well — and they give you hold hard cash. Then they resell most of the magazines for half the original price, older time-sensitive mags for much less (fifty cents) and some for a bit more than half (stuff like Readymade). Since I was eager to see Time's new design but wasn't going to pay five bucks for the privelege, I bought the latest issue for $2.50 and an older one for $.50.

In addition to magazines, we found half a dozen books we'd been meaning to pick up for half-price. If you're a book junkie and in Tucson or Phoenix, it's a worthy stop.