20070328bamemail.gifTonight I'm going to see the dance performance of Edward Scissorhands at BAM. This morning they sent me the email you see at the right (click on it to see it larger) that has tons of great information about the performance.

First, there's a letter from BAM's Executive Producer with his thoughts on Matthew Bourne (the director) and the play in general. Then there are a ton of links to reviews, video snippets of the performance and interviews with and articles about Matthew Bourne. At the bottom there's a little info about the show and a link to more and details on BAM (directions, food options, etc.). This is a fantastic way to help their patrons improve their enjoyment of the show and I'm going to print out a few of these interviews to read as I wait for the lights to dim.

Now I just want every other venue to do the same thing. Imagine getting an email with links about the production of 300 or interviews with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem before his show at the Bowery Ballroom. The last thing we need is a way to continue the conversation after the event is finished.

If anyone wants to create a service that provides this info to venues with me (or without me), I think we/you would make a whole lot of money.

(Note: I couldn't actually post the HTML because all the links are coded to me, but if you go to BAM's Edward Scissorhands page you'll get almost all of the information.)