I just got through listening to the Hivelogic Podcast and remembered something I find to be a universal truth: you can't tell people what they want.

Dan Benjamin and John Gruber were chatting about what's forthcoming during tomorrow's Macworld Keynote and how the Mac Tablet will definitely not appear this year. I agree and it's because the average Mac user has no need for one. The biggest tablet users are in the medical industries (and people who run warehouses, I suppose) and these people don't use Macs. If that ever changes, you can be sure that'll change.

This is also why the Zune's social features are a non-factor. Before the Zune came out, were you thinking "Gee, I'd love to share this song with my friend who is sitting across from me, but there's no way I'll let him listen to it on my Zune." If I want someone to hear a song, I'll hand them my iPod or I'll send them a link to a free mp3. This is why Cnet found just one person in SF with the social feature on.

Using this logic, here's what I think has an excellent chance of showing up tomorrow.

True Video iPod: A year ago it wouldn't have been true, but people are now looking for a good way to watch video on the go. I'm often seeing people watching TV shows on their iPods on the subway and airplanes.

iPhone: People have cell phones. People have iPods. People only have so many pockets. It was just a matter of time before they combined the two.

iTV (duh): We knew this was coming, but it's definitely time. People are downloading video podcasts and tv shows like crazy. It's silly to watch them on your computer screen or iPod when you have a new HDTV. It's also silly to buy things twice (first from DirecTV, again from Apple).

These are two things I wouldn't be shocked to see:

Ultra-portable MacBook Pro: Business people love a tiny, powerful computer. The lack of tiny, powerful computers gave rise to the Blackberry. If Apple is missing one thing in their computer line-up, it's this. The reason I'm skeptical is that most of the business world is still on PC and graphics professionals prefer a larger screen.

Apple HDTVs: Apple has great LCD technology and people buy these things like crazy. They'd be stupid not to do it now that they're getting into the living room.

I'm sure they'll be other stuff announced (10.5, iWork, iLife), but these are the big ones I think could make it. We'll find out very soon.