Sixteen Straight TeeIf you know me at all, you're aware that I am a huge Bears fan. Obviously I am freaking exciting that they are amazing this year and that they have a legitimate shot at running the table. Thanks to Coudal, I can know share my excitement in t-shirt form. The Sixteen Straight Tee lists the Bears' sixteen opponents and includes an orange sharpie for marking off the victories. I'm hoping to wear this shirt proudly once a week.

Odds are you're getting ready to comment on my blind optimism, but I will give you two reasons for you non-Bears fans to get excited. First, they actually have a decent shot. An article on Cold Hard Football Facts points out that the Bears have the second best point differential (+120 or 156-36) in modern football histoy and that the only other undefeated team, the '72 Dolphins, had the easiest schedule in the Super Bowl era (opponents' winning pct. of .367). The three other teams with the highest differential all won the Super Bowl.

20061011neckbeard.jpgThe other reason to root along is much more entertaining. If the Bears win all sixteen, I shall sport the Kyle Orton Neckbeard as long as the Bears remain in the playoffs. This should be inspiration enough. You know you want me to look like this.