Summer break! Well, I didn't exactly plan to have a summer break, but it appears I had one. To get the ball rolling again, here's some highlights from the last month:

  • Just after I left you, I made my way up north to Lake Gunisao. Man, it was breathtaking up there. If the flies weren't so annoying, I could spend a month there just staring out at the lake. I put together a photoset of the best snaps I got on the trip.
  • Although I've missed a few games, my kickball skills have vastly improved and the Bacon Bits are doing well. I've kicked 2 home runs in the last 3 games.
  • I made my first trip to the new Fairway in Red Hook and it's awesome. If I had a car I'd go every week, but at least the B61 drops you off right in front.
  • I finally bought an Airport Express to fulfill my dream of synchronized music in the apartment and on the roof. It made my recent rooftop BBQ a success for nerds everywhere.
  • Two weekends ago I made my first trip to Montauk. Although people may consider it part of the Hamptons, it is infinitely better. Aside from having nice beaches there are nice people, which is a rarity in the fancy Hamptons. I'm a little upset I missed John's Drive-In though, as they supposedly have the best ice cream in town and a tasty burger on the menu. This was my only grievance though, as the four days I spent there was not nearly enough.
  • Work has been terribly busy due to the war in the Middle East. Politics aside, I'm proud of what we're doing for Israelis. We've already raised $1.5 million with our current campaign that is sending kids affected by the war to summer camp, building security roads in Northern Israel and providing emergency equipment for fire fighters. I'm happy we're able to protect some civilians from this chaos.
  • On Friday, Jori and I went to Applewood to celebrate her birthday. Oh my lord was it delicious. It was one of the top five meals I've had in New York City. I'll have photos and a better run down when my camera decides I can download my photos to my computer.
  • Monday and Tuesday I witnessed the Cubs beat up on the Mets at Shea. If only I had gone today, then maybe they would have pulled out the sweep. Over the two day stint I managed to eat two feet of hot dog.
  • The Movie Binge is humming along nicely as we're nearly halfway through the movies. This week we had two scathing reviews: Lady in the Water and Little Man. You can expect a review of the depressingly crappy film Clerks II sometime tomorrow.

That's a pretty solid recap of my last 30 days. My only complaint is missing Pub Quiz two times in a row (and I have to mix it next time). Boo!