Some Netflix fansite pointed out Netflix's Local Favorites page (the link only works if you're logged in) and I immediately clicked through as I tend to do for just about every link that crosses my path. I like to know what kind of people live near me and movies are a good way to gain insight. Unfortunately, I don't love what I see. Here's the top 10 around the 11217 zip code.

1. A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
2. Downtown 81 (New York Beat Movie)
3. New York (8-Disc Series)
4. Weekend
5. The Tenant (Le Locataire)
6. Time of the Wolf (Le Temps du Loup)
7. Funny Ha Ha
8. My Life to Live
9. Happy Together
10. Videodrome

Ugh, what? I know that Brooklyn has a big Jewish population, but are there enough folks interested in Hasidim to make it the number one movie? The rest of it is artsy-fartsy stuff, which is the opposite of the Top 100 for all Netflix users.

Although it might fall in the artsy classification, I was happy to see my friend John's movie How to Draw a Bunny at number seventeen.* A welcome respite from the weird choices abound.

* Okay, so he's more Karen's friend, but I've met him several times. Several.