Magazines are my favorite way to read. Since I have a short attention span, reading an article is oftentimes more satisfying than a good book. Ever since I discovered discount magazine sites, I have been subscribing to more and more magazines. My taste varies, so I can't really compile a ton ten list (also I probably only have ten magazines I subscribe to), so I'm just going to list some specific favorites. Hopefully you'll find something you'll like.

Best Magazine Design: New York Magazine

I got hooked when they started their redesign in 2004. Before that, I would read it occasionally but preferred Time Out New York. Now, I look forward to this magazine more than almost any other. The typography is my favorite, but the grid is flexible yet very consistent and the imagery is bold yet tasteful. It makes me want to design type. They also have some great regular features, like the Approval Matrix and the Look Book. New York Magazine, you are my favorite NYC-centered rag.

Best Video Game Magazine (by a Long Shot): Edge

I've always been happy to gripe about the sorry state of video game publications in the U.S. The internet has kept me sated for the last couple years, but before blogs caught on, I was consistently disappointed. The names you know — EGM, Gamepro, etc. — are geared towards 12 year-old gamers who like poop jokes and reviews with big numbers (yes, I admit, I like poop jokes). Edge is nothing like that. To provide an analogy, Edge is like Cahiers du Cinema for video games. The reviews are thoughtful and thought provoking. The features, the existence of which is exciting on its own, span multiple pages and actually answer questions I would have asked. On top of that all, it's a beautiful magazine to look at. The one downside is the eight dollar price, which is due to its English origins. I, for one, am happy to pay this price since it was virtually impossible to procure stateside only six months ago. If you love games, I suggest you head to B&N and get a copy today.

Best Food Magazine: Cook's Illustrated

Yes, this is another magazine that commands a high price but delivers fantastic profit. Deal with it. Cook's Illustrated often tops lists of best magazines and its for good reason. There are good recipes and features, but I like their detail-oriented nature. Oftentimes they'll show what a dish looks like when it's over-done, under-cooked and just right. That's invaluable. I have a feeling I'll be a life-long subscriber.

Best Sports Magazine: ESPN the Magazine

The divide used to be much greater, but in the age of always-available online coverage, ESPN makes the best use of the print format. Their graphics are a touch dated now, but they're still far better than Sports Illustrated or Sporting News and they tend to approach articles from more unique perspectives. I'm also a sucker for their larger format.

Guilty Pleasure: Sound and Vision

A lot of girls fall prey to US Weekly, but I prefer to oggle audio-visual equiptment. I'd much rather pretend I could afford a $20k HD projector than a trophy wife. That's it, really. Their reviews are good, but I like the pictures. Oh, and the specs. Nothin' gets me like 32 HDMI inputs.

Best Long Articles: The New Yorker

I'm so far behind in my New Yorker reading. I'd just throw them out, but the articles are too good. James Suroweicki is a demi-god.