Here's a warning: this post will most definitely be nerdy.

Ruby on Rails seems to be getting a lot of attention and some really smart companies are getting behind it. Still, the idea of learning a new language seems daunting. I understand that Rails really helps streamline the proccess, but I'd love to see some more documentation as to how this will make my life easier than using PHP. Their screencasts probably are exciting to Ruby developers, but I doubt there are too many out there.

Now, you could argue that I looking to jump on this bandwagon and learn it solely because buzzworthy companies have done so, and you'd probably be right as it will likely be marketable to know the technology. But, I really want to see a document showing me what I have to gain, which is why I'm posting this. Does anyone know of some good testimonials from PHP or other non-Ruby developers singing the praises of Ruby on Rails with specific evidence? If so, you'll make my day. If not, I'll just need to dig a little deeper on and Technorati.