According to Gothamist, the Ziegfeld will be charging $1.75 extra for tickets to the film adaptation of The Producers. This means movie tickets will be $12.50. Are they crazy? I was planning on seeing the movie there with some friends this weekend, but now that's scrapped. I don't care if the Ziegfeld is the best theater in the city; I'm not paying a premium to see this movie early.

Now, I'm not opposed to the concept in general, but if market-based pricing is a two way street. If The Producers is going to be $12.50, then Just Friends should be $4.00 (and that's being generous).

On the other hand, if Universal is charging the Ziegfeld so much more to rent The Producers that they have to charge more, then something is wrong with this system. If I bought any snacks in the theater I would be spending close to $20, which is about what I'll pay for the DVD when it's released sometime next spring. I genuinely enjoy going out to the movies, but if prices keep rising I'm going to invest in a big television and say goodbye to my frequent movie watcher cards.