Wow, that trip was fantastic. Unlike my Italy and France trip from last year, I found Hong Kong and Japan to feel much homey-er. That's probably because they are both large cities like NYC, but this feeling led me to believe I could come back there a number of times and still enjoy myself. That's true more for Tokyo, but I really loved them both.

As you've probably noticed, I've written a travelogue for my Hong Kong adventures and I plan to do the same this week for Japan. I'll also write a more condensed version for those who don't feel like reading about every little thing I did.

In the meantime, you can view my flickr set for Hong Kong or Tokyo. Tokyo is not yet complete and Kyoto is still on the way (expect them tomorrow).

As of right now, I feel like I'm over my jet lag. On Saturday night I was a mess; on Sunday football distracted me from any ill effectss; and yesterday I was worthless again. Finally, today, I felt whole again. Including the switch to standard time, it was a 14 hour difference. I left Tokyo at 4:55pm and arrived at 4:15pm, 40 minutes back in time. Crazy.

Now, I'm getting everything back in gear at work and trying to get back in the groove at home. I feel like I have a million movies to see and a stack of twenty magazines to read. Now it's time to fall asleep watching Infernal Affairs, reliving my Hong Kong days.