In his interview with NY Times Magazine, Noah Baumbach discusses how he had an impromptu wedding where most of his photos were taken on a crappy polaroid. That sounds mildly appealing, but it gave me a better idea.

Instead of spending a few thousand dollars on a wedding photographer, I'll just let my friends take the photos for me. Assuming it'll be at least a few years before I get married, I'm guessing most camera phones and all digital cameras will have at least 3 megapixels and either bluetooth or wi-fi. On the invite, I'll mention that I've set up a flickr group for my wedding and anyone who has an account should join the group. Then, at the wedding I'll have a few wifi hotspots set up. While people take their photos, they'll be sent to a central computer via wi-fi that will add the right tags, upload the photos and add them to the flickr group via some software utilizing the flickr API.* As an added bonus, I can set up a projector to display photos on a screen as they're being taken.

You could do a lot of this stuff now, and I'm sure people have had live webcams and the like at weddings, but I feel like the wi-fi component will push it over the edge. If I had to have friends submit photos when they got home, it would still be cool to see but there'd be plenty who wouldn't upload for weeks. I want the immediate gratification. And, of course, you'd need friends who take lots of pictures to make this work.

Has anyone tried something close to this?

* I'm not sure if this is possible today, but I figure it'll work in a few years if it doesn't.