In early June I went to Seattle and started writing a recap for the site. Unfortunately, I never finished. I just upgraded the site to MT 3.2 and was looking at entries when I found this one unpublished. So, I figured half an entry is better than no entry. Enjoy.

I've had a week to recover from my trip to Seattle, which means it's time to tell you about all the wonderful things I did. Here are the hits from the trip, broken down by day:


We started with some delicious dim sum at Jade Garden in the International District. We rolled ourselves out and headed to Pike Place Market, where we bought some delicious bing cherries and had coffee at Le Panier. Next was a trip to Experience Music Project, which is everything you could imagine and more. Two and a half hours wasn't nearly enough time there. We finished the day with a trip to Two Bells Tavern, where I had a delicious burger (more on that later at AHT).


After a leisurely morning, we made our first stop in Fremont at Jai Thai, a tasty little Thai restaurant. On the way to the Fremont Sunday Market, which was moderately entertaining, we stopped at a great record store, Sonic Boom Records. My best pick up was the Diamond Nights EP, which makes me smile. Our last stop in Fremont was Gas Works Park, which had breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline. Before heading home, we stopped at the flagship REI store, which was amazing. I got a cyclometer for my bike. In the evening, my uncle made us grilled salmon, a staple in the region apparently, and Jori made a delicious salad.


I only got that far. I stayed for Monday and Tuesday as well. The trip was amazing. The other highlights I can remember off the top of my head was a trip to Red Mill Burgers and Top Pot Doughnuts. Top Pot was stellar.