On Saturday, Karen invited me to see a Beck retrospective at Resfest. Remembering that I drooled over this when I saw a mention months ago, I quickly accepted. There were seventeen videos in the collection, starting with "Loser" from Mellow Gold.

I learned that Beck's videos were totally insane. Technically, they were fine, but the imagery was usually the battiest. I also appreciated how his later videos were more appropriate for the musical stylings, whereas the early stuff was usually just trying (and usually succeeding) to be hip.

My favorites were Michel Gondry's video for "Deadweight", Jeremy Blake's video for "Round the Bend" and Shynola's video for "E-Pro". "Deadweight" is an absolute classic and will hold up against any music videos to come. "Round the Bend" could be a screensaver, but it seemed really appropriate for the song. I like it a lot more in hindsight. "E-Pro" is just cool. Beck's newest videos, except for "Girl", are all animated, but this one stood above the others. Mumbleboy and E*Rock did the two others and I was bored. They're really talented, but it just didn't, ya know, do it for me.

Anyway, since I wanna share the love, here are links to my three favorite videos and to "Girl", because it rules too. Oh, and click on the links to the directors, which are above, because they've all done other things that were amazing.

Deadweight by Gondry
Round the Bend by Blake (WMV stream)
E-Pro by Shynola
Girl by Motion Theory