Gosh darned, the Cubs suck right now. It's tough to go from having a decent shot at the wild card to thinking they might have a spot for me on the team. Rich just walked in three guys in a row, two of them for runs. I think we have something like three hits over the last hundred games. A month and a half ago Derek Lee was hiting .390 and now he's hovering around .350. It hurts, especially since I saw them get trounced twice at Shea Stadium this weekend.

At this point, I'm ready to give up. There is always next year. Maybe they'll get rid of Dusty in the offseason and bring in someone who can actually teach the Cubs how to play some small ball.

I have just one shining ray of hope in my sports world &mdasph; the Bears won their preseason opener 27-24 and the offense played well. I think DirecTV rigged that game so I would re-up on my NFL Sunday Ticket package. If so, you win DirecTV. Just promise me you'll help the Bears to win at least 9 games this season. Please?