On Friday, I went to check out NYC Photobloggers 4 at the Apple Store. Aside from learning about a few really great photographers (Travis Ruse, Raul Gutierrez were my faves) and hearing from some old faves, I began to reminisce about my days with film. You just can't get the same colors and sharpness with digital and I'm longing for some beautiful prints.

That being said, I'm a little weary to go back, especially when I take a look at what Keith is bringing on a trip. That's a lot of film and I'm sure it wasn't cheap. Still, it'll hopefully remind about what it was like when I had to be frugal with my shots. Hopefully, it'll make me a little more focused.

Despite my fondness for film, I don't know that I'm ready to go back. It takes me long enough to get digital stuff online and that requires zero scanning. So, I'll probably find a special occasion and break out my Elan soon, but not quite yet.

Of course, if I ever take off on a summer road trip with no destination in mind, which is always a possiblity, I'm gonna get myself something in the medium format range. I love landscapes and I'll need more celluloid if I'm gonna capture that.