Capn Design

The Adidas Oddity

When a factory tests new designs, they use scrap materials to save money. This shoe was inspired by that.


hi. i want to buy a adidas zx oddity...???...adam

Good luck tryng to buy any of the Oddity collection...i have been calling Adidas customer service like nonstop trying to buy a pair of the oddity shoes that I saw in a magazine (not sure which model). They keep sending me to, but the shoes that I want are not on there. Try that site. Maybe it will help you. Don't call Adidas though...they are pretty much useless!! Also, try That site may help you. Good luck!!

Hehe, I bought a pair of oddity shoes in Georgetown the other week. The best I can describe them is Rainbow Brite if she had a brother. They are hella cool, I keep trying to find them online in the Adida's store and on eBay. Guess they are not that common, I feel lucky to own my pair!

i bought a pair of All Oddity in Italia at Sienna (Pink and white and other color)at 90 .I search this model since one year. this my second pair of All Odd....
I'm ADIDAS Addict ...