My PSPI broke down. I bought a PSP today. While staring it down at Virgin I realized that it was only a matter of time until I picked it up, so why not do it now? Before the part of my brain that deals with logic kicked in, my credit card was swiped and I was walking out with a PSP and two games (Wipeout and NFL Street, which I'll be exchanging for Lumines when they get a copy in).

As a result of my purchase, I'm going on the PSP diet. I've got to balance out my spending somehow. Until my birthday on April 14th, three weeks away, I will do the following:

  • Eat out for lunch no more than twice
  • Eat out for dinner no more than five times
  • Buy the cheapest groceries possible
  • Buy no DVDs and 1 CD (I need the new Beck)
  • Go to no more than 1 movie in the theater

Obviously, that's not all food, but a gadget/media nerd knows that hunger isn't the only craving you have on a daily basis. If I stick to this, I won't feel as bad. I'll have birthday money by the time my diet is over.

In totally unrelated news, if anyone needs some freelance web work done, I'm looking.