New York Autoshow #1Last night I visited the New York Auto Show. It pales in comparison to the Chicago or Detroit shows, but it still had some swanky cars. The one pictured above, which was beautiful in person, is the Ford GT Tungsten.

For the most part, I like auto shows because I get to see cars I'll never get to drive. I'm not in the market for a car, so instead of shopping I take note of cars that just look great. The show in New York had enough of that, which made me happy. My favorite car that I could afford one day was the BMW 330i (pictured here). My favorite car I could never afford is the Carrera GT (pictured here).

Something that blew me away was the Maybach 62. I can see why it costs over $300k, but it is totally ridiculous. Who needs a printer built into their arm rest? 'Zactly. The photo I missed but wished I hadn't was a group of high school kids sitting in a Hummer H2 with huge smiles on their faces. I fear for their lives.

I have a few more pictures than the ones posted or linked to above and they're all on flickr.