It's day two of my trip to Israel. I'm here with work, Jewish National Fund, looking at the hundreds of projects we have in Israel. As you could probably guess, I won't be seeing all of them, but we've already seen some amazing spots.

My favorite thus far has been Sataf. It's an area that JNF, or KKL to Israelis, has turned into a historical irrigation system. The system is compelling in its own right, but I was more interested in the trees that had been planted. The seeds for these trees were created from 2,000 year-old DNA. We didn't have a chance to see them, but it seems like an amazing feat. My only question is about what diseases it might introduce, if any.

Although Sataf was technically interesting, what makes it and our other sites special is the amount of people who use them. It's very moving to see how the fundraising I support is put into action. It will certainly help motivate me when I get back to the office next week.

As it is Shabbat now, we are off until 7pm tomorrow (it's 4:30pm here right now). I'm going to see Masada and the Dead Sea tomorrow since I never went the last time I visited. I'm excited to just be a tourist.

Hopefully I'll have time to give another update tomorrow, but I can make no guarantees.