I love my job, but I just don't have enough time for it. I mean, how am I supposed to consume magazines, books, weblogs, movies, tv shows, concerts and theater while still going to work? As I get older and my knowledge of interesting artists grows, I find that the amount of media I'd like to consume is just overwhelming. After some thinking, I came up with two potential solutions.

First, I could train myself to sleep less. Currently I sleep about seven hours a night, but I think I could could bring it down to five or six with some training. Still, they say sleep is important and I'd rather not give it up if I don't have to.

Second, I could quit my job and try and find something that would let me consume media all day. I wouldn't expect to be able to do everything I'd like, but even if I could knock off, say, weblogs and magazines then that would help a lot. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem very realistic. I suppose I could start a website focused on reviews but it's highly unlikely I'd be able to live off of it.

Thus, I am unable to enjoy everything I'd like. It seems the only solution is to come to peace with my inability to listen, read and watch everything I'd like, but that's a bit pessimistic. And so I'm stuck. My only hope now is that I'm able to live until I'm about 200 so I can catch up on all the old New Yorkers I have.