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Cheney Shows Support For Gay Marriage

[via TMN]


Cheney's secret is getting out. And it's not that he's a Halliburton scumbag as the liberal lying Democrats would have you believe. The best kept but most surprising secret is that Cheney is an American hero sworn to secrecy concerning his glorious service to our nation.

Investigative reporter, Simon Marshall in Cheney: The Story He Cannot Tell (Doubleday) to be released next month, reveals Dick Cheney was recruited into a secret black-ops team called Alpha Major within the Special Forces. Although he "took to the training like a salami to a pizza" it quickly became apparent that Cheney was one of the anti-gods who would not play the game according to the rules of war. Additionally, in defiance to Army regulations, when Cheney went into the field, he defied orders that the officially-damned beret of the Green Beret would not be worn.

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Four more years for America's Hero!