I spent the weekend in Philly to see my cousin race in the IRA finals (she's on the UW-Wisconsin women's lightweight crew team). I hadn't seen her race yet, and I figured the finals would be a good time to go. I think it's safe to say that I was the reason the team kicked ass and won the national championship. You're welcome, UW-Madison. Seriously though, this post is mostly to give props to my Alma Mater and the girls of lightweight crew. So I say, "Way to go."

Aside from a brief visit to the outskirts of Philly last summer, this was my first time in the city since junior high. I didn't get to do too much exploring, but South St. is unlike anything available in NYC. I would liken it to a bigger version of Madison, Wisconsin's State St., which is a compliment. The one thing that didn't work out was the purchasing of a cheesesteak. It's okay though, as my uncle and I realized that the smell of a cheesesteak is at the same time delicious and nauseating, which is a turnoff (until you take your first bite).

At night my uncle and I killed time at Barnes and Nobles since the only good show in town was My Morning Jacket, and I didn't really feel like going since I don't know too much about them. It felt a lot like high school, when Borders or B&N was one of the destinations for a non-partying high schooler. My uncle quoted from a Bush-basing book and I read about all the ways you can use curves in Photoshop. Not exactly a huge night on the town, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Based on this post, it should be clear that I didn't really do a whole lot in Philly. So, you can expect another trip down there sometime in the future. I will hopefully take a bunch of pictures at that point.