I have been lazily searching for a new bag. My current Manhattan Portage bag is nearly four years old and is developing a whole in the bottom. I've been to their store, to the Crumpler, this Ask Metafliter thread, and to a couple general bag shops but I can't find what I want. Granted, I'm being quite picky, but I want the best possible bag.

My biggest issue is that I want to be carrying around my Digital Rebel on a regular basis. When I bring it with me now, I have the camera in a small bag that fits into the main bag, which seems bulkier than it needs to be. On top of my camera I also have an iPod, 2-3 magazines, a book, a notebook, my NFT, my lunch and my GBA. I want something that will provide adequate protection for all of these things, but still be comfortable.

The key, really, is something that can double as a camera bag and a messenger bag. You'd think that Crumpler would have something like this, but they really don't.

Anyone have any ideas? I realize this is a lofty request, so if you have a recommendation for a more general bag, that would be helpful as well.