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Mony Mony

How come I never knew Billy Idol sang this song? That's kind of depressing.


Ugh, he sang one version of it. The original was by Tommy James & the Shondells in 1968.

(Trivia: "Mony" is "Mutual of New York," an illuminated sign that Tommy James spotted while working on the song.)

That's fascinating! I thought it stood for a street prostitute enlisted to make an enemy or rival sick with chronic mononucleosis. Now it makes even MORE sense!

okay ironically the name Mony is also a Cambodian name. Growing up people would tease me by singing this song thinking I was named after it. It made me wonder if the person who wrote this song did meet someone name Mony , well come to find out MONY stands for Mutual of New York. What a coinkydink!!!