My two roommates are moving out on February 15th and I need to find a couple replacements. The rooms are available for a MINIMUM OF SIX MONTHS. So, I'm bringing this to my blog, hoping that you'll know someone who needs a place or you yourself might want to move in. I figured that if you read my blog then you probably are an amazing person.

Click on the "Continued" link to get all of the details on the apartment.


Pretty damn big three-bedroom apartment on the corner of State and Bond Streets in Brooklyn. There is a full, good-sized kitchen with plates etc., TWO BATHROOMS, hardwood floors, roof access, wireless high-speed internet, tv/dvd/video games, 10-ft. ceilings, exposed brick and a room for storage, bikes, etc. Oh, and all the bedrooms have a little bit of storage space. The bedrooms are mostly unfurnished. I have one desk and one small bookshelf that you could use, but that's about it. Utilities are not included and range from $50-100/month, depending on the services you want (phone, cable, etc.). Oh, and here are your transportation options: 1 block from the A/C/G, 3 blocks from the N/R/Q/W/M/2/3/4/5, 5 blocks from the F. There is more to it, but that's your teaser.

ROOM #1: $825/month.
The room is approximately 8.5' x 11' (that's feet, not inches folks) and has one huge window. There is ample closet space and plenty of light. This room is situated in the corner and is probably the quietest of the three.

ROOM #2: $875/month.
My roommate is sleeping as I write this, so I couldn't measure it, but it is considerably larger. It is a little wider and at least three feet longer. So I'm gonna guess 10' x 12.5'. It has two huge windows and faces State St. You can see the Verrazano Bridge from your window.

That's the long and the short of it. If you're interested, leave a comment or email me at capn AT capndesign DDOOTT com.

*Boerum Hill is in Brooklyn, wedged between Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Ft. Greene and Park Slope.