Holy Balls. Or should I say, "Balls of Holly." Ha ha ha ha ha.....ha. Anyway, it is December. This means a lot of things to a lot of people but to me it means that I have to start putting together my "Best Of" lists for the year. Last year I had grand plans that fell through. This year I'm hoping to do a bunch of lists, with film and music being important.

This year, my media consumption was way down. I saw 48 new movies last year, and with only a month to go I've seen slighty more than half of that this year. For music, I bought/acquired 123 albums last year and I'm at 81 for the current year. That is very unlikely to change, but I am working hard to up the movie totals via Netflix and the theater. There are a few movies I haven't seen that could eek into the top ten.

When the big day comes I'll also let you see all the movies and albums I've seen/bought this year. I won't be ranking them all, but I'll at least let you see what I thought was good enough to spend money on, copy from a friend or sneak into.

If you'd like to take a look at my lists from the previous years, I have linked to them below. It was interesting to look at the lists and see what has held up as a really good album or movie. For instance, in 2000 I put Dashboard Confessional on my list, ahead of Grandaddy and Outkast! Oh, and last year I would now put Elvis Costello and Blackheart Procession much higher on the list. Hmm, I bet you're curioius to see them now. Hera ya go.

2002 - Music, Film, TV
2001 - Movies, Music and Game Consoles
2000 - Music and Movies

I'd also like to note, that if anyone of you can make me a copy of Source Tags and Codes by ...Trail of the Dead or the first disc from Unwound's Leaves Turn Inside You then I will be eternally grateful. I lost my copies and really don't want to have to buy it again. Really, I owned them at one point. Honest.