Tonight, I had an epiphany. While considering the fact that I don't take nearly as many photos as I'd like, I came upon the idea of taking 1,000 photos in thirteen days. Why thirteen days? Good question.

From December 18th to the 30th I will be on vacation with my family. I'm going from New York to Chicago to Las Vegas to Hawaii and back, with some layovers in between. I think that during this time I can manage to take 1,000 pictures. That averages out to roughly 77 pictures a day or five and a half per waking hour. I don't think that's too much of a problem, so long as I stay dedicated.

I will be posting every single image on this site. Granted, most of them will be very small, but they will all go up, hopefully by mid-January. I am feeling inspired by this project and I think keeping this thought in the back of my head will really help me to take some photos I would have otherwise missed. In the meantime, I will continue to prep for the GRE, which I am taking on Saturday, which is officially tomorrow. On a related note: spurious means false; not genuine.