Jason has posted an entry on the details of his newest design. The biggest change is that he has taken all of the disparate elements of his site (movie reviews, links, etc.) and combined them into one stream of information. This makes a lot of sense to me and has crossed my mind more than once.

I offten wonder how often people actually click on my reviews or head to the calendar page or whatever. I've thought about ways to bring attention to "non-weblog" content and it seems that putting everything in one place is probably the best bet. I know this is especially a problem with a site like mine when there are a million and a half things to click on. It's pretty likely that the only thing that will really get combined with the main weblog is the mini-reviews, but I think this will cut down on problems considerably.

As long as I'm on the subject, I've added a bunch of new content to the calendar and I've changed the mni-reviews from pop-ups to regular windows. Enjoy.