It seems that everyone I talk to likes to bring up the left-field fan. They either blame him or mock me and my kind. Honestly, I can't blame the guy in left field. Sure, if he hadn't touched it then I'd be poppin' champagne bottles and smokin' cigars, but he was in the right. It was in the stands and that's legal. I'm definitely annoyed that it happened, but that's about it.

The man who I am quite angry with is Alex Gonzalez. The very next play he proceeded to drop a slow hopper to shortstop that could have been turned for a doubleplay, or at least a force out at second. Instead, he drops it. This is a professional baseball player who missed a grounder that I could have picked up. Now that makes me upset.

In the end, when it's all said and done, the Cubs have been doing this to themselves all year. They led the division for 2/3 of the season and only barely won it in their second to last regular season game. They lost two of their key players (Prior, Patterson) to injury at various points in the year. They made trades that seemed like they were the not the brightest decisions, but they worked out beautifully. For these reasons, and because Kerry Fucking Wood is picthing tonight, I think the Cubs are going to go on to the World Series. I really do.

Now, the question is whether I go to my last improv class or watch the game. A very hard decision.

Update: Mom says I should leave improv early, around 9pm. I agree. Go Cubbies.