These are the numbers posted on one of the buildings behind Wrigley Field. Friday of last week they said, "145895." This means fourteen years since a division title, fifty-eight years since a pennant, and ninety-five years since a World Series title. Now, the Cubs have a division title and are shooting for "000000."

When the Cubs made the playoffs in '98 it was a great thing. I was a freshman in college and I loved watching the games. I was glued to the television during the tie-break game to win the wild card. Still, I was almost surprised the Cubs made it. This year, I am not surprised. We have a very solid team and an amazing starting rotation. I am a fan, but I can objectively say we have a reasonable shot at winning it all.

Right now the Cubs lead the Braves 1-0 and they have a definite edge with Prior pitching at home in game three. If Zambrano can hold their formidable offense tonight then we should be able to sweep through this series. I must say, I am pumped. Jazzed. Tickled pink.

This is going to be a good October. I can feel it.