The fall season caught me by surprise this year. Normally I get excited about all the new shows, but I'm more ambivalent this time around. I think it's due to my love of HBO original programming and their rolling premiere schedule. Still, I thought I would give you a list of some shows I like to watch regularly (not complete) and a couple new ones that seem interesting.

Ed: I think this is my favorite show. I'm tenative to say so as there are others I love, but this one will always be number one in my heart. I think this show is funny, smart and just sappy enough. The new season starts Wednesday, which is what inspired this post.

24: This was the best show on television last year. I felt like every single week added something to the plot and I was on the edge of my seat for most of every show. I'm pumped for "Day Three."

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Sometimes I'll watch the other ones but I love Vincent D'Onofrio's shtick on this show. I know it's over the top and completely unrealistic, but I'm still highly amused.

Home Movies: I thought this show was never coming back, but there are new episodes in November. The best animated show on television right now. No joke.

Six Feet Under: I used to adore this show. Last season was a little disappointing. It just seemed like it was all build up to something that never happened. I hope this season is better.

The Wire: The second season just ended but I needed to mention this show. So good.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Where are the new shows? Best sitcom on tv.

Ali G: Where are the new shows? Best variety show starting a wanksta.

The Daily Show: Two Emmys yesterday. I watch this show every day.

Boston Public: I'm pretty sure I need to file this one under guilty pleasures. I have a funny feeling this may be the last season thogh.

The OC: Obviousy a guilty pleasure. Still, the writing is clever and the characters are entertaining, not to mention nice to look at.

There are more shows I like to watch, but instead I'll mention a few new ones.

Carnivale: I haven't seen an episode yet but it could be interesting.

K Street: I saw an episode and it's sort of interesting, but might tank.

Handler: Joe Pantoliano's new show on CBS. I think he is great so I will try this one out.

The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.: The premise sounds a little unusual but I will always give David E. Kelley a chance.

That's about it. Any shows you're dying to check out?