Last night I did indeed make it down to the Gothamist/601am Happy Hour and I definitely had some good times. Here are bits from the event:

  • I spent a good part of the evening hanging near Hit-or-miss Matt. We, along with others, debated my gayness. Actual gayness: 0%. Theoretical gayness: 50-60%.
  • Oh, and Matt also unintentionally convinced me not to go to the Morning News party tomorrow night. I asked, "Are you not going because it would make three blogging parties in a week?" Matt gave an emphatic "yes." I love you blogging, but I think you're moving a little fast.
  • I was the recipient of a Gothamist t-shirt. I don't know if I will actually wear it. Instead I will hold onto it until Gothamist becomes bigger than Gawker, at which point I will sell it on ebay for $300.
  • There were some good photos snapped. Ones snapped by Remote Lounge's booths (I am visible on this page at 11:22). Ones by Camera phone shots.
  • It was also nice to meet Andrew and Henry. I wish I could have met more of you.
  • At one point Anil said he is planning to dress up as Blog Man for Halloween. I am looking forward to seeing that.
  • Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you to Jen, Jake and Aaron. Good times, all thanks to you guys.