A while back I heard a comedian discuss the availability of porn in airport magazine shops. It immediately struck me as odd and I wondered, "Who buys porn at the airport?"

I mean, even if you buy the porn and you have no intention to put it to use, are you going to read it on the airplane? Yes, Playboy has articles, but Tons o' Jugs does not. The point is, no sane person would ever consider looking at porn on the plane.

This brings us back to our original question. The only rational explanation I could come up with was that these people are too busy to get to a magazine store. After reading that sentence I realize that even that explanation is far from rational. I have absolutely no clue who buys porn at the airport.

I am writing this on the plane*, so when I get off I think I am going to go to a WH Smith and ask one of the sales clerks if he/she has ever sold porn to someone. I need to get to the bottom of this.

Off the plane and back home: I started to walk up to one of the stores when I noticed a man with a sizeable gut, striped button-down shirt and graying, thinning hair peaking at one of the magazines. He wouldn't take it off the shelf but he had a gross smile on his face. I didn't get up the guts to ask the clerk, mostly because I think I would've frightened her, but this event gave me a pretty good answer.

*It's currently 8:33 CST on Thursday.