Unless it's raining at the moment I intend to leave, I will be riding my bike to work tomorrow morning. I was debating whether or not to do it, but after reading testimonials from commuters at Transportation Alternatives I decided to give it a go.

I did a little research today to figure out the best way to make my ride and I feel I'm nearly prepared. First, I checked out Bike Routes provided by the city to see which path I would take. The maps show roads with bike paths, wider routes suitable for riding, and bike only paths throughout the five boroughs (the maps also helped me to find out that there is a bike only path from Prospect Park down to Coney Island). I decided that I will cross over on the Brooklyn Bridge, head over to the Hudson River Greenway and shoot all the way up to work. On the way home I may go on Broadway, but I haven't decided if I'm up to it. Also, it's not as nice of a ride.

Then I figured I should head over to Brooklyn Heights Bike Shop and pick up a helmet before I leave. It's one thing to ride in the park without a helmet, but I don't want to ride Manhattan streets without any protection.

The other crucial piece I had already taken care of: the New York Chain by Kryptonite. I do not want my bike to be stolen and this should do the trick. The thing is a monster.

After I do the ride I'll make some notes and take some pictures. We'll see how things work out.