It's official. Ah-nold is running for Governor of California. This alone is completely ridiculous to me. Does he not realize we were laughing at him in Kindergarten Cop? He reminds of Hagrid or the Big Friendly Giant -- you just want to hug him. I'm fairly positive this isn't something I'm looking for in a political candidate of any sort (although I admit that it isn't so bad either).

I could end this post right here, but the whole thing just gets crazier. It seems as though both Gary Coleman and Larry Flynt are also running for governor. Coleman has said that he is not going to be campaigning now that the Terminator is in the race. Good thing for Arnold as that could have brought things down to the wire. Flynt is going to run full-force and hopes to shake things up.

The icing on the cake is something I heard on the Daily Show. Gov. Davis is looking for a way to enter the re-election race. He wants to replace himself. That is just too ridiculous. I was almost able to handle the concept of Porn vs. Muscle vs. Kinda-Scary, but this is just too much. This whole thing has to stop. Do people understand that this is the future of 54 million people? I honestly don't know if any of these people are capable candidates, but does it really matter?

Forgive the ranting, but I just think this is a prime example of what our government has become. It is a dog and pony show. Nothing really happens there, it is a way to placate the populus and build up your ego. Arnold has no more to do in the film world so he has to find a higher exposure job. That's it I think. It is incredibly frustrating.

As long as this merry band of characters are running for governor, who would you like to see run? It only takes 65 signatures to get on the ballot. I think I'd like to see my grandpa run. He knows a lot of good jokes and watches cable news a lot. That should be enough, right?