Last night I made my debut appearance at the Bryant Park Summer Film Series. Ever since I first found out about the series a few years ago I have been dying to go. This was the first summer I've lived in NYC while knowing about it and it was prime opportunity. My hopes were shot down early as I found out that my improv classes were scheduled on the same day as the film series. My class ended last week and my Mondays are free again, which allowed me to attend last night.

They were showing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof this week, which was wonderful. I had always wanted to see it and this was a great opportunity. My only complaint about the whole event was the size of the crowd. It was too big. Apparently this was unusal and probably because last week's movie was rained out. Aside from the crowd's size, I had an amazing time. I think it would be nice if they sold food and drinks right in the park, but maybe that's asking too much. Just sitting in the park on a beautiful night, watching a wonderful movie should be enough. And it is.